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For anyone who has followed my blog 51 Fridays, you all know that my father went on a mission to get me married before I reached my marriage expiration date–twenty-five. This is the age Arabs have labeled as “The Day It All Ends” for women. An un-married woman in our culture is looked at worse than a serial killer. Of course, I expired while my father was still alive, which pissed him off beyond belief. Expired N Fabulous follows my journey to find Mr. Right , while taking matters into my own hands, because my family has yet to find any man I’d want to marry. Instead, it’s men they find agreeable and I don’t.

Of course this consistent attempt to marry me off to men of their choosing is exactly the reason I am now expired and un-married. But, not once have I ever been asked what I’m looking for in a man. My family has always taken the lead on the subject, but not anymore. With my father’s family gone (for the time being), I’m going to attempt to find the man I’m interested in marrying all on my own before they return to Chicago and hijack my love life.

So here I am: twenty-seven years old, un-married, still single, and not exactly ready to mingle. I am looking for love, but the probability of that happening now that I am officially BEYOND my expiration date is highly unlikely. It won’t be easy, especially since I’ve depended on my father, uncles, aunt, cousins, hell even the guy who bags my groceries at the corner store, to find a husband for me. But, I’m willing to take the chance if it means falling in love the way that Jane Austen characters do. I’m looking for true love, the sparkle, if it still exists, which I’m sure that it does. And what’s a marriage without sparkle.

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Good Morning Heartache

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Heartbreak. If you ask someone if in the past, they ever experienced the anguish and despair of a heartache, the answer is almost always going to be the same: Yes! Heartache is the main cause of hopelessness and feeling of dejection that every person will experience in their lifetime, regardless of gender, culture, religion, or what part of the world you may be living in. Nobody can escape the ache, pain, and constant gut-wrenching pains that heartache seems to inflict on us. I mean, let’s admit it, a breakup, betrayal, or discovering that his/her feelings were/aren’t as strong and sincere as your own, is freaking awful. You find yourself crying, curled up on the floor in a fetal position counting the dents in your wooden floor caused by your cousins ex-wife who thought she would show you her “expert” tango routine while wearing her five inch heels that were straining to hold up her two hundred and eight six pound body. Then, other times, you sit in front of the mirror and start yell at your reflection, “SOME DAY, SOMEONE IS GOING TO LOVE YOU! TRUST ME!” I’ve been there.

It had been a year since my ex, Hani, decided to pull a David Copperfield act and disappear from my life without a word. Continue reading

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