Week 13 – Say Hello To YOU

Thirteen weeks ago you were completely heartbroken after having to say goodbye to someone you love; someone you envisioned your entire life with. If you were the dumped, you were shattered into a million pieces. The thought of spending another minute without your ex made breathing hurt. Certain places, times of the day, and songs, were off limits because it reminded you of the past you were now having to say goodbye to. The good memories you two shared were like a heavy fog around you that constantly whispered of the times spent together. Even in the silence, you could still live in the echo of the laughter you once shared. It was at times… overwhelming.

I know, because a year ago, I was exactly in the place you were in when you started this journey. It doesn’t matter if you started this guide because you had just had your heart broken, or because you wanted to begin healing from a heartbreak that happened a month, a year, or even three years ago. The point is that you started it, because you wanted to finally stop being broken by it all and start living Fabulously as the leading lady/man of your life.

If you’ve been following my, ‘From Broken, To FABULOUS,’ Guide, and implementing the rules each week as I hope you have, then today, although you may not be fully recovered, you’re starting to realize that life goes on. That although you had to say goodbye to the past, and although it hurts, it was for the best. You might still miss your ex, and it might still hurt, but you’re a hell of a lot more ahead of the game then you ever thought you would be. You’re now allowing yourself to feel through your emotions and allowing yourself to see the power in allowing those feeling to empower and fuel you, rather than destroy you. You found a confidence that others told you to be ashamed of. You fearlessly sought answers to the questions you had and looked for your closure. For the past 13 weeks, you have decided that life is short, and that although heartbreak hurts, it doesn’t haven’t to permanently cripple you.

I am so proud of you and the progress you’ve made, but you still have three things I need you to do before this Guide is complete.

1. Clean your room thoroughly. Make sure that anything and everything attached to your past relationship is gone. For real! Don’t save anything. Not one thing. Remember, it serves no purpose for where you’re going.

Not only do I want you to emotionally cleanse your room, I want you to do so spiritually also. That means, sweep, mop, dust, and when you’re done, light a few candles, say a few prayers. Make the place you’ll be resting your head every night comfortable, relaxing, and tranquil.


I want you to go into your closet and pick an outfit you have convinced yourself you would never wear. Something that is bold, sexy, daring, and well, again, something you convinced yourself you would NEVER wear. A representation of who you are today. Not who you were. Let it represent the you that is renewed. The you that no longer gives a fuck what other people think. The you that is fearless. Once you’ve chosen that outfit, I want you to put on some makeup, fix your hair, grab a pair of heels and…

3. SLAY!

You are now ready to be your FABULOUS self and conquer the world. So go do it!




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