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Faiza Rammuny

Over the past ten years I have assisted women and men with a plethora of relationship issues – keeping their relationships alive, rekindling a lost spark, communication, getting a text conversation started and keeping it going, finding happiness again in their once happily ever after, finding the courage to walk away, the list goes on and on. But more than anything, I’ve been the girl that many, who wouldn’t normally open up about their situation, have turned to for some much-needed therapy in the easiest way a human being can offer it: Listening. I’m not a therapist, I’m therapy

Ventsession – Email, Phone or Face to Face

Most of us have that one person we can turn to when we are having a problem or find ourselves in a situation and are needing a ventsession- but sometimes some of us don’t or the people we normally speak to are not there to listen- if this is you- then this is the option for you. Vent away! Use the buttons below to purchace this package. Email me your questions (max 500 words) and I will respond with my professional insights and advice. (Ventsessions will NOT be responded to on the Weekend)


Email Ventsession for $50, a phone Ventsession for $80 or a face to face talk for $100. I will respond with one email or a 45 minute phone call or a face to face meeting. Make sure you add your phone number in your request

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