Message to my EX

I Love ME

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37 thoughts on “Message to my EX

  1. Hey! It’s today I am an aunt yeah! I used to be so excited to share with you happy news like this .. But no more… And it’s no big deal 🙂

  2. It was 01:00 am and I was just walking and walking not knowing where to go.. I was supposed to go home but god I couldn’t I felt like coming to you like calling you like hanging out with you! I felt like doing a mistake .. But I didn’t cause I knew I was strong enough to just go home.. I knew I was strong.. I know I am strong and I proved it to myself I used to give up to break down to call you but this time I didn’t I just went home and I am so proud of myself.. I can do this! I ain’t weak like you said I am strong.

  3. U told me the reason why U dumped me was because I was too attach to U and U didn’t feel the same feelings.
    But you explained the real reason to others people. I’m pretty sure now you’re thinking u can find better, listen U where too short for me literally and figuratively! U like to say that U R a good men & honest : guess what .. U R just a typical C****** ! Stop thinking U R better than me, I put my life into God’s hands !

  4. dis shit is real nigga x

  5. Hey! I saw you yesterday on my way home I was with my dad .. I saw you walking down the street fixing your clothes with one hand and holding some food in the other hand .. I almost screamed your name I almost told my dad to stop the car.. But at the same time I didn’t want you to see me not yet .. You are not ready to see me and I ain’t ready for you to see me .. I do hope that one day we will just bump into each other and I will just walk by not even noticing you as if you are a total stranger while you will walk by staring at me and at all the confidence I will have .. I will be different.. I already know that I am starting to be different! I am healing.. Look when I saw you just yesterday it felt like everything yet nothing at the same time .. And i didn’t cry and slept well so I know I felt more nothing than everything..
    I know you wonder if I still love you.. So do I .. But I ain’t ready to think about now cause I have locked that door I mean I just stoped processing feelings I have just put myself in some kind of denial bubble for a while so just let me stay there a little more then we will talk about love ..

  6. Sometimes I really think to myself how I could stoop down so low to crush my self respect over and over again to be speaking to you after everything. How could I really expect something different when everything was right in front of me? Why did I keep running back to you when I knew the only thing you gave me was pain and tears. I was never an emotional person but how did you manage to make the broken heartless girl such a emotional wreck? I was broken yes but I managed to control my emotions not the way I am doing right now. I know I use alcohol as a escape from reality and this was the sole reason that broke us. I am not in denial about what happened I just wish we met at a different time. People say that a breakup will be a girls turning point in life and will be one of the hardest things they could go through and I would not disagree for a moment. I have gone through a lot but this pain hurts the most and to be honest it keeps hurting. It is because I not let go and moved on but I think now is the time to finally let go. I feel like I am running away by moving different countries but this is the only way I can finally start a new life without my memories of you haunting me everywhere I go. You were always there for me in such a humble way when we were together. It really surprised me how someone could make me feel happy, angry, sad, and excited in so many different ways. I was going through the hardest time in my life but I can say when you left it got even more difficult for me to live my life. I tried to walk around with a smile on my face to everyone and make it seem like I was okay but I wasn’t. I wrote you messages, emails and called you way too many times to express my feelings to you but I know it didn’t mean anything. It just pushed you away further. I pushed you to the point of no return and maybe that was just what was meant to be. I know I hurt you a lot and I could have avoided the ending of us but you know what I didn’t stop. I kept going and pushing your buttons day by day to not realize that you had enough. You weren’t happy towards the end of the relationship and I was selfish not to see it. I didn’t make any effort but it was the way I grieved and I don’t regret any of it. If I didn’t get my heart broken I would never realize what it takes to be a proper girlfriend in a relationship. I haven’t been in a serious relationship after you but I know what mistakes I made to make sure that my next relationship won’t end like ours did. I had to go through it to realize that you need to make sacrifices for that one person who is worth changing for. You know you really make me feel so many different emotions whenever I see you. I am happy that I see you but I am also angry and upset that you have changed and turned into someone who I will never be with. It makes me angry knowing that you have so little self-respect for me now. I know I didn’t give you a reason to respect me because I haven’t been respecting myself since we broke up. When we were together you did so many things to make me smile and all I ever wanted after you left was to make you feel that way again. There were so many places that I dreamt of us being together at whenever I would go with friends and I would think of you every time. I kept thinking that maybe one day things would be different. I kept thinking that one day you would just wake up and give me another chance. Did I give you a reason to do so? No I know I didn’t and I do apologize for not giving you the space you needed. I guess you can look at it this relationship as a experience for you as well. Don’t worry you will love someone more than me and that person will love you more than I could ever love you during the time we were together. I hope you find someone who respects you and treats you like the princess you treated me. I have written so many of these long messages to you but as I get closer to the day that I leave I just want to let my feelings out even though I have said all of this again and again. I wanted to leave on a good note but I guess after what happened that night it will be quite hard to do so. I thought seeing you would help give me closure but I don’t think I will ever get the closure I truly want. I want to hear things from you that you will never say so its best I send this last message to you. I know I will be fine and I know we will both be happy with other people in the near future inshallah. I hope we can both speak after months or years and forget the bad memories. You will always be someone I will always remember. You are the only person I truly loved and I know I didn’t show you that when we were together and I tried to show you the toxic part of love after we broke up. We are toxic for each other and we will never be together. I can never be good enough for your standards and you will never be able to respect me ever again after our past. I hate to say goodbye but it has to be done. There is no point to speak or check up on each other because it will only hurt me and bring me back to a place that I don’t want to be at.. for now atleast. You have changed so much that I am running after a stranger not the person I “loved”. I don’t know if I love you anymore even though I say I do because that person is long gone. Maybe he is hidden down deep inside which is who I was trying to bring back but he is dead for me. As much as I want to hold on to our memories I have to let go. I thought I was fine and finally getting back on track but one bad thing led to another and now I am in this dark place which will soon be filled with light once I go back home. I need my family right now. I am going home and as much as I don’t want to leave because I still had hope for us in the future I have accepted finally that nothing will ever happened. I need to move on now because I am loosing out on someone who can make me happy. There might have been someone that I didn’t give a chance to because I was so stuck up on you and I can’t do that anymore. I need to give other guys chances and I need to let go and be happy with myself without even having the thought of you in my head.My heart hurts as I am writing this and it always hurt as much as it does while I write these messages. I am not crying though and weirdly enough I am content and confident that this will be my last message to you.

  7. I’ve written here twice, now this being my third and I always come back after time has passed to reread my mini letters. I want to say I’m very proud of myself, so this is the letter of a woman who has regained her happiness and is open to the wonders of life
    Dear Ex,
    Looks like I can get you off my mind, and today was the day I finally realized I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE. Yes I said it. I don’t. Although I don’t regret our relationship, I will this experience to my benefit because of this heartbreak I have found myself. As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, I can confidently say I know who I am. Before I never really knew myself which was always a scary feeling because I always felt the person who knew me more than I knew myself was you. But, that has changed. Now I know more about myself than ever and I hope one day in the far, far, far, future we meet again and the person you see won’t be the same person you knew. It’ll be a better version, and if you tried to stir up conversation with things I used to like or things I used to do, that won’t be apart of me anymore and I hope you realize you don’t have the control over me anymore. I don’t want to vengeful and stoop to your level and find ways to break your heart the way you did to me, but I can only hope karma bites back. It may be selfish to say but I am SO proud of the person I am because I have regained the part of me that loves to venture parks even though they might look sketchy af, or the part of me that walks and reads, or the part of me who listens to music thinking the happiest thoughts because she’s filled with joy for no particular reason. I am that girl now and I’ll learn to cherish those parts of me and continue to love me.

    1. This is so inspiring! 💛

  8. It’s been a year and a half and I’m still here crying and hoping that one day everything will be like it used to. I wish you could be a little bit less heartless and try to understand my feelings. I know you’ve moved on and it’s only “sex” for you whenever we do meet. I hate putting myself down so low to just be that booty call for you but it’s the only time we actually ever meet. It kills me every time knowing that I am just being used. You said it right sex is just sex but it means a lot more to me. I never thought I would be able to love someone who could treat me with such little respect. I know I messed up when we were together but it was the way I grieved. I hated myself for it and I’m regretting it every day. I hate crying day and night thinking and hoping that one day everything will fall back in place. After seeing you yesterday I realized that will never happen. Maybe I realized it a while ago but it really hit me that we can never be happy together again. I am sorry for everything I am sorry for not giving you the space you needed still constantly messaging you and being there when I should have just moved on. I just miss sleeping next to you and having you hold me and telling me that everything will be okay. It wasn’t okay because you left. I don’t know how someone can still feel so hurt after so much time. I keep blaming myself for it but I’m not the only one at fault. I am crying as I am writing this and the pain is still as strong as it was the day you left. You were the only one there for me and I keep seeking it in you even after you left. I am moving and I think this is when the chapter will finally end. I don’t want you to check up on me to see if I’m doing okay. Just stay out of my life and please just don’t contact me again no matter how many times I will try. I’ve asked this from you a million times yet you still come back. You say you might still be attached to me but it’s only hurting me more. I don’t want to feel hurt anymore and maybe I’m just running away from all this like I did in the past but I think it’s the only way I can really move on with my life. I keep wanting closure from you but I won’t ever get it. I won’t ever get closure because the chapter of us ended so long ago there’s nothing left to say that hasn’t been said already. I don’t know what got into me yesterday but you are my downfall. You are the one who brings me down and we both won’t ever be able to be happy together again. I don’t know why I always end up trying to speak and be friends because that will never happen. We can never be friends because of the history that we went through. This might just be another emotional message from me that you can add to your collections but this is my last. I don’t want to tell you when I leave in the next few days I thought I would say a proper goodbye but I didn’t realize that seeing you and having sex with you would only bring me further back on my progress in moving on. I never really moved on as you can see but I was trying to just get everything together for once. I wanted to just be on good terms because I thought there would be hope in the future even though I kept denying it. I hate that about myself it disgusts me knowing that I still have hope. Why? There’s no feelings from your side except hatred and disgust. Why even have sex? If you ever loved me then you would know this is only hurting me more and more when you message the way you do. Why don’t you just delete everything? Why can’t you just delete it if you are truly over me? If you hated me as much as you make it seem then why even speak to me and keep the pictures. Why do you give me misleading messages and then say we can’t ever be together? I never thought you would be that low to keep intentionally hurting and messing with my feelings. You do understand I’m broken right? I won’t be broken for long and there will be a day where I will look back at this and just smile knowing I was so foolish for wasting a year and a half of my life on someone who didn’t give a shit.

  9. Dear Casper,

    You’ll never see this or know how hard this has been for me. You assumed that I was yet another heartless girl who would move on right after not giving you a fair chance. Despite the fact that I stood by you when NO ONE else did, you thought I was just like the rest.

    Two weeks after we ended, I found out you were already trying to move on with dating websites and other methods of finding a replacement for me. I feel so naive. It’s been a month now and I cannot so much as look at another man. You are still in my heart. And despite your MANY flaws and issues, I love you. But I also love me enough to know you’re no good for me. If you were, you would have at least tried to work on yourself so we could have a chance.

    So go on. Go ahead and move on to yet another girl. I really hope it works out this time. I loved you so much that I was willing to ignore all your faults and your occasional disrespect. If you find a girl who can tolerate half of what I did, then you’ve got yourself a keeper. As much as I am hurt, I wish you the best with all my heart. I guess this is how our story had to end. I hope we both find our happiness inshAllah.

  10. Happy birthday… I miss you a little Boe that i am home.. Everything reminds me of you.. And it’s your birthday today I was planing to buy you something but we don’t speak anymore I still stupidly feel like it’s sad even tho I haven’t really lost much .. I mean God you were precious to me but you didn’t respect me I had to let go.. You forced me to let go.. But hey best friend I miss being around you I had plans for your birthday! But that’s life I guess.. God I just hope I will get trough this day whiteout texting you.. I have to get used to your absence.. I am strong and I deserve better!

  11. It’s been almost 10 months since u walked out. I know it’s been long. But I was so hurt and numb when u left. I didn’t have a chance to process what happened. It’s like you just woke up the next morning and decided “I’m done with her, who can I tap next”. It’s been almost a year. But I just looked at myself in the mirror and I realised I’ve had to go through the worst ten months of my life. I don’t recognise the fierce spirit I always saw shining in my eyes. I don’t smile anymore. I’m so bitter. And you know what, I hate it SO much. God, I wish I could hurt u as half as you hurt me. I lost myself after u. When u phoned and cried and told me you have to end it, my breath was ripped from me. I didn’t know whether to hate you or to feel sorry for myself. Now that I look at myself properly I’ve become a shell of the person I was. I’ve lost myself in the grief and tried to eat away the pain. And to be honest, this is on you. This is what your measly phone break up did to me. I’ll never truly know what happened to cause this. But I know that part of the reason was a lack of communication from both our sides. But with you going alone to the movies with a woman I knew wanted you to you listening to her put poison in your ears about me, had ruined me. Made me insecure, even though we damn well were together a year before that woman decided she wanted a piece of you too. You broke me. Your saccharine promises killed me in the end. You walked away unscathed with all your new women friends on your arm. You left me in despair. And yes, it’s been 10 months. I still think about you and I wonder if you’ve moved on. Sometimes I pray for you. But other times, I pray you never have a woman half as strong and passionate as me. You don’t deserve it. You will hurt her. Like you ruined me. I know I’m bound to see you again in the future but I don’t ever think I will make as big a mistake as giving you my all. I lost focus of my career and my goals because of you and that is on me. But thank you, for hurting me for showing me I’m strong, I’m resilient and NO MAN is going to ever hurt me the way you did. I’m only beginning to acknowledge the dark endless pit of hopelessness you threw me into. I can’t even look myself in the mirror and firmly say I love me. Because I have a long road to recovery. But I have to start somewhere and letting go of these thoughts of resentment is the beginning of the end of this weak woman I can’t hold up anymore. It’s time for me to say fuck you very much and I deserved better.

  12. I don’t really know how I feel about you or how I should feel.. I don’t want to know I don’t want to think about you anymore I have had enough.. You made my life feel like hell then said I was too depressive but who do you think depresses me?? You do! I can’t be me around you! I feel the need to be someone else! Haven’t you noticed I am always shaking around you!
    I feel i have to share parts of me I don’t want to or don’t feel ready sharing with you! All of that to keep you from leaving all of that cause I love you.. Or at least I did.. I don’t know now I don’t want to know.. I don’t want to process anything I just want to live my life the one you took from me! God I was so much more pure and innocent and happy 2 years ago! I didn’t have enough love for myself nor enough confidence and you took advantage of it! Trust me that says a lot about who you are! I cherished you with your weaknesses I helped you grow stronger you just used and abused me in so many different ways..
    You were such a different person in the beginning! So sweet so nice so selfless so supportive so caring!! Then I got you comfortable and you just lost all the respect! God I hate myself for that… I let you think that I am weak when indeed I could have crushed you! But I didn’t I won’t I know what pains your heart I could just use it to crush you but that’s so mean so heartless that’s something you would do not me! You turned out to be so selfish!! So harsh! So merciless!! God …
    Just wait 5 years from now you will see I was right! You will understand! And even if you don’t understand i will see that i was right! I know I am cause a guy like you don’t the deserve a girl like me.

  13. .. you dont deserve a dear . Hello. Hi … you dont deserve respect from me ! … three years ago i was a person full of life and had a soul .. the smile never left my face! .. today and because of you i am a person that has no soul! I dont know what happiness is anymore .. and im just hopless with no goals and no friends no one!!!… during these three years i stood by you each step of the way , encouraged you and never made you feel that you are alone .. i put my life on hold because i was too busy makin urz better .. and i had to stand your false accusation and sick thoughts! And after three years you turned out to be a stupid stupid stupid ugly soul .. i dont know if i love u or hate u anymore .. thanks to you you ugly soul.. my life is full of mixed emotions and complications !!! … may ur life be as sad as u made me feel !

  14. To start I want to say you don’t tell me I am weak cause I am not! I am strong you are weak.. I despite all the pain never stopped being who I am never stopped being caring warm and loving! You as you said stopped being that nice cause people used and abused you .. Well you are the one who gave up on who he truly is because of the way people treated him because of the pain they gave to him.. I didn’t! I am strong whatever you might think about it I am still strong it is enough for me even if I am the only one who believes it! The truth is maybe you are strong too in your own eyes and in your own way and that’s all that matters even tho you aren’t in mine.. We don’t get to judge if others are strong when we haven’t fought there battles! Even whit you after all the pain of the past I let go and was still caring and loving and the trust didn’t change.. I can do that I can forgive and love as if nothing ever happened as if I never got burned can you?? So don’t you tell me I am weak! I need someone to keep going?? Actually yeah I do! I need someone that doesn’t tell me I am weak and weird and incapable someone that understands why I stopped going to school twice you know someone that advice me nicely not harshly! Someone that doesn’t criticise me and then tell me I don’t accept him as he is when I do! I am sorry I told you that you were mean I am sorry I was mean to you! I am sorry I got a little weak.. I should have stayed strong and nice! But don’t we all break down sometime even the strong ones!
    Oh and yes I do not control my depressed moods actually if you read about how the thyroid gland that regulates hormones can affect you and be a factor for depression you would understand!
    Maybe if i stay in your life and in a loose relationship you will one day wake up and say that you want commitment maybe you will wake up and hit me with that ” we can’t be I won’t ever love you” like you always do and then disappear.. So many maybes.. If you are worth it? Yes you are! You are worth the risk.. But I am worth it too so ain’t gonna put myself trough this! I ain’t! You are always here for me that is 100% true like no doubt about that and I thank you for that really! But you don’t understand my soul.. You don’t understand the human soul not even your own! You are so toxic .. And I ain’t putting my soul trough that either temporary or not! I ain’t doing that so I can one day wake up to you leaving when I know that I can’t deal with that I can’t take people leaving I can’t I am tired of it!
    I might end up happy but I also might end up miserable! You know if I am not enough for you that’s not my problem.. I mean it was or I thought it was I tried to change myself I used pathetic methods to keep you from leaving I gave you everything! I even lost all my self respect! I was never enough for you! But I am for me okay?? I am enough I don’t need to keep on giving you more and more to keep you! Like you said if you want to leave than leave!
    Maybe we just can’t be we are just opposites you are selfish and I am selfless.. Everyone might not be worth my love but I am worth emanating love! Where there is no love there is no life for me and that’s just me and I won’t change it.. As you are cold and that’s just you.. Or what you let people make of you cause no one is born cold no one.. But I did accept you I put up with all your moods warm cold annoying sweet all of them really! You know I accepted you.. But what I don’t accept is the way you talk to me that lack of respect sometimes is not acceptable! I know I didn’t say anything about it in the beginning and that it is my fault you treat me like that cause I should have put some limits and i should have respected myself enough to walk away a long time ago!
    And no I don’t hate you I just hate the fact that you see me as weak and miserable and desperate cause I trusted you with my brokenness!! Honestly fuck you! How can someone be so heartless how could you just use my weaknesses against me after hugging me and showing me you understood! Everything was a lie you didn’t understand you just had pity for me and I don’t need anyone’s pity! I ain’t weak I am just me!

  15. Here’s a poem for you. One I’ll never show anyone.
    “The truth is
    I felt my skin rip itself open
    to welcome you
    I can feel the pain
    of love smiling back at me.”

    I will never regret you. I guess it could’ve ended better. But the world tore us apart, and I learned that in the end, the world always wins. Maybe it’ll be different the next time around. For now, thank you for being my first heartbreak. For teaching me how to love.
    This is my goodbye, and I don’t know what it’s doing here in this comment section but I hope you see it in a different time, when we’re both happy and moved on.

  16. i know you made no promises to stay. It meant nothing at the beginning. But as time went by, my feelings for you got stronger. I spent a year dreading and watching myself fall in love with you even though I knew how it would end. I couldn’t even tell you how I felt because of the fear of you running away. I invested a year trying to create memories and celebrating the smallest things; all in the hope that it would make you see more of me. kept hoping you can see my heart and what it contains. You rarely made time for me but I didn’t complain. You rarely responded to my messages , but I let it go. All because, where there’s love there’s no room for an ego. I don’t know when it started to go quiet; when you decided to leave. How you’re so indifferent even though you see me everyday. How you don’t feel the way I feel. I can still hear your laugh when I close my eyes . I miss you so much it hurts. What hurts more is how you feel nothing. I’m left with the pieces of my broken heart desperately trying to put it together; wondering how I can do it. I messaged you to wish you well on your new job and your new ventures. Your responses were so generic , as though I was nothing more than an acquaintance that came in handy when you wanted to destress . It’s hard knowing that’s all I was.

    I remember when you told me there were a lot of people that wanted to see you on your birthday. I responded by saying that a lot of people love you. You asked me ‘do you?’ . I didn’t respond because I thought it was a question by- the – by. I should have told you then that I’m crazy about you. I only want to see you happy because I know you haven’t had it easy. You have a lot of love to give, just not to me. I hope that you find true love , and in that true love maybe you’ll find a memory of me.

  17. You started off by ignoring me and when I stop trying you u want to txt me I’m sick of your bullshit I can’t cope with any of this u always do this make me feel as though Ivevery fone something wrong. Part of me is dying inside to talk to you but the other part is telling me to stay away and think about what’s happend

  18. Dear ex,
    A good friend of mine had my back and decided it was right to tell me that you supposedly moved on and now have a new girlfriend. I’m grateful for this one friend because she knew even though this information would hurt me even more, it would hurt me in a way where it would be easier to heal. Ever since we broke up, I had a suspicion about the girl you are currently with. I have bad habits and didn’t block you on instagram and I would look through all the comments under your pictures. I know it’s bad, but there was this one girl who was commenting a little bit TOO much, and that day I had my suspicions. It turns out my institution was correct and your new girlfriend is that girl I had suspected. Good for you. My friend tried to reassure me that I’m the better girl even making jokes because the new gf has a very similar name to mine which is no shocker and plus her instagram name is almost identical to mine which makes me even more mad. I don’t want to hate this girl because I don’t know her, so I do wish her the best of luck in her new relationship. My friend tried to trash talk this girl and make me hate her but I’m not made like that. I have to admit she’s beautiful, but I know I’m no less beautiful than her. My only fault is not being readily available and distant. I never wanted to block your instagram, but after finding out that you “moved” on, I realized there’s no place for me anymore just as there is no place for you anymore in my heart. I never wanted to resort to that because I’ve thought of myself as someone who forgives and forgets but I have admit to myself that I won’t be able to move on if I were to constantly see his face and have him remind me of the good times. I still have to delete our photos and old sweet remarks you made about me when your eyes were filled with passionate love, but soon enough I will bring myself to do this difficult task. Today is not that day. Before I blocked you on instagram at 2 in the morning, I sat down in my kitchen saying my final goodbyes to your photographs. Recalling every single memory that has happened between us in the span of the 10 years we have known each other, I did this with tears rolling down my face, but it felt good to let everything out since I haven’t shed a tear in awhile. I have told myself that it would take a LONG time for me to be able to find love or even attempt to find it, but I’m okay with that. One day I hope the most unexpected guy runs into my life at the most unexpected time because most things in my life are spontaneous. I wholeheartedly believe that everything happens for a reason, so when we broke up after the second time, it was for a reason. I hope I can see the logic behind that reason very soon.

  19. How petty it is that i write you a text on your phone and then few days later come to know that you are out of country and hasn’t even seen my text. I often think why it all came to this end. I realize it wasn’t your fault completely, i was imperfect too. you know this one year post out breakup knowing that in two days it will mark exactly one year since we broke up. I still remember that first day you came to see me. that first gaze, that first smile on your face, I remember that shine one could see in our eyes when we both saw eachother. We came miles apart from eachother but we kept it all going. I was insecure, i lost my faith on everything. i lost myself. If you think i didn’t feel hurt you are wrong. i have realized that if i thought you were senseless i was wrong. I know you were hurting too, you opened up to me with all your heart, when tears fall from my eyes i know that somehow somewhere you remember me and maybe miss me too. I still can not figure out what is it left between us that reminds me of you. I see you in my dreams and it is becoming disturbing now. Do i still love you? i hope i forget this one day and move on with my life. I still can’t believe you told my best friend that i will never be able to move on because you broke me so bad. Yes you did break me so bad but it opened me up to myself. I discovered the scared little broken heart of me which i have been pretending to be very strong and unbreakable. I know that i am fragile and very vulnerable but I am accepting myself as i am. your absence has made me see things i could never see about myself before. This is me my love, I promise i will love myself before i love anyone else. I promise you that even though i am broken i will embrace this me so one day i will become the real best of me. i promise you that one day if our fate make us face eachother i will be able to hug you and thank you with my smile (which has been your fav) for everything you did to me. For how you let me embrace the broken me and led me to this fabulous me i will become one day. Know that i will always love you for i will love myself. Dear Ex, I will remember us like a beautiful dream i saw and will keep in my memories. and someday with passage of time i might forget this memory and won’t feel anything about it. I miss you, I miss us but we have grown so apart that i know we will never be able to be like we used to be 3 years ago. I wish you the best and i wish the bestest to myself. This dark time shall pass too and i know that God will help me get through this too.
    Lots of Love…….

  20. Dear ex,
    I left that house and with it I left a part of myself, a part I am glad to have left. What you did broke me, it teared me apart and made me go to the lowest point of my life. Cheating on me while away for a weekend with a threesome was TOO much. But now after I while I have started to see things for what they were. You were abusive, mean and selfish. I’m glad I’m not with you anymore. I am very happy now, althought naturally given the time frame I still think of you, almost everyday, I still wonder what you are doing, who you are doing. But don’t worry with time, you will become only a memory and a lesson of what I do not want in a person so thank you for making me see who I really am and what I can become.

  21. You know it doesn’t hurt what you did to me! What hurts is how could i allow so much to be done to me! I gave you my heart my most sacred possession, I miss me! I loved you, you were my everything, you still are but I was nothing to you 😭 I m sad I m hurt, you did this to me and I can never forgive you for this… I have a love and hate relationship with you and myself!

  22. You’re a cunt.

  23. To ex!
    You were married I was falling in love with you. I blame myself for a lot, but the day you cheated on me just like you cheated on your wife was the day I had contacted your wife out of shame to say sorry for everything that had happened to her. Her divorce with the man I wanted to spend my life with, but God had other plans for me. The day I saw the other girl in your house literally killed me inside. I never knew you could ever do that to me. The day you had a party at your house and didn’t invite me was the day I had a gutt feeling something was wrong it was because you had met a girl that night. The next day I came over you got a call that confirmed all my fears. Yes you told me you were talking to someone I should’ve left that day but I stayed and kept trying. After almost a year now I realize that I tried and humiliated myself for no reason. Because no man who loves another woman would do that to her. Therefore you never loved me. You had multiple girls durring your 30 yrs of life. Your ex wife had put my heart at ease by telling me it wasn’t my fault as you were emotionally and physically abbusive. As I agreed with her not to her face but in my heart I knew she was telling me the truth because you had dealt me the same way. It only hurts a ton because I never let anyone touch me and I had allowed you to enter my life and you left like I was nothing without carrying. I know God has my back and I know karma will bite your ass I just hope to see it with my own eyes. I do wish you the best but want to see you suffer the way I suffered a heart break. You moved on so quickly to another girl and made it seem like it was my fault when I had started talking to another guy and had put it all on me. But in reality you already had her moved in your house within a month. I am just calmer now knowing you weren’t good for me. You took my virginity that’s why I know it will take a long time to forget you!

  24. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve spent weeks trying to suppress all the emotions only to end up defeated, confused, and a jumbled mess that can’t sleep or eat properly. I don’t think I’ll ever get closure if I don’t write this so here we go:

    I’ve experienced heartbreak before but not in the way I had to break my own heart. You were and forever will be a good man: polite, gentle, kind and honest since day one. Everything was reciprocated; I liked you and you liked me. You wanted me to fulfill my dreams. You wanted to marry me and I wanted to marry you. We were so different but I was okay with it. I am a city girl, you a country man. I, single no kids, a clear canvas future, with a past of loving men that never loved back. You; divorced, two kids, a dark canvas from tragedy and unfortunate events from past relationships. What we had in common was lots of baggage. That’s what we had in common. Our pain from the past and growth from those experiences brought us together. We started to unpack and I wasn’t scared of what I saw. You weren’t scared of my baggage either. We knew love so strong because we were the same person. We tried to make our exes whole from damage done to them and ended up getting hurt. Then we met each other. I hoped our love for each other would heal each other but, in reality if we kept on going one of us would have to sacrifice for the other to be whole. I knew that person was going to be me. I got mentally and emotionally attached so quickly. I was willing to sacrifice my dreams in order for us to have a future together and you were willing to do so too. Everyone around me said not to do it, that it was dangerous and that my life would derail. I listened to them. We broke up. They are now all relived but, I have regrets. You were right; we could have made it work. I wish I would have given it more time- that I wouldn’t have acted out of fear but solely my own intuition. Maybe I want you more now because you’re gone but, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I did love you. That even in our differences and upbringings you knew me better than I knew myself. But sometimes that’s not enough – sometimes love doesn’t conquer all because the love we want and desire will kill us in the process. That’s what hurts the most is because we were so willing to sacrifice. Why didn’t it work? Why did I have to screw it up and hurt you like that?! I am so sorry but I had to put myself first. I’ve been a martyr in this area my whole life; always sacrificing my heart for someone else. My whole life my dream was to make sure that people discover their vision and purpose in life and to assist them in doing that. I was content and happy to do that. But over time…relationship after relationship doing that became tragic instead of heroic. No one ever returned the valiant effort back for me to do the same. The thing is that every time I sacrificed my lifejacket for someone else; I was the one that always drowned. No one came to save me; then began the process of fighting like hell to rediscover myself again. I would regain oxygen and breathe again… then the process would repeat. It’s a vicious cycle that I have to break. Even though I want to save you; I know it can’t be the sacrifice anymore. In loving a person, I can’t lose myself anymore. I saw the signs so quickly this time. In the past it took me years to see this. Our love was real and I meant every word that I said, every kiss was meant to heal, and each hug embodied my heart to you. But I’m tried of saving the world at the expense of myself. Instead of saving others; I have to fight to save myself. I don’t even know my dreams anymore; I don’t even know how to go after them because I’m always thinking of how to make others come to pass. You don’t deserve a love like that and I don’t either . We will have a love where we can be ourselves fully. You always told me; “I don’t want you to change in order to be with me”. Unfortunately the process began because I wasn’t strong in my identity. I did the thing we vowed to never do; I changed for you; compromised my morals, grew comfortable with discomfort, and felt bad for being myself. I was bending but about to break. So in a moment of fear of losing myself and my relationship with God, I ended it. A lot of people will say this is heroic but, the pain of letting someone you want is heart wrenching. I don’t know how my life will pan out because I made this decision. But I have to give myself a chance to figure that out. Right now, today I regret it. I miss hearing your voice, getting good morning love texts, having plans every weekend, driving in your truck, and making memories together. My 2 wishes are only that we would have slowed down and enjoyed the process and that we would have met later in life. That we were both whole and not coming out of seasons of restructuring and immense brokenness. Our hearts are currently holding on threads that God is sustaining. I hope on the other side of this that we can meet up and have another shot at love; Giving each other the best of us, and not pieces of our damaged souls. I hope we can dream again, have vision that propels us, and that our purposes will bring God glory whether together or apart. Sometimes love is best displayed by putting yourself first even if it breaks your heart to do it.

    I foresaw that it may have been destructive later in time– that instead of allowing God to heal places in our hearts that only God could do we would have expected or put pressure on ourselves to do that for each other. Our love would have had to been proved by letting dreams die. I wish I was a better woman for you. I wish you were a better man for me. But the timing was off; we fell in love with fractured minds, heartbroken souls, and mirrors of illusion physically we wanted each other to portray. Its easy to get over heartbreak when the guy was a jerk, wasn’t ready to commit, or you were out of their league (which everyone said about you) but I didn’t believe it. Your brokenness was beautiful to me and was welcome with open arms. I wasn’t scared to help you rebuild, to dig down in the trenches of your soul and pick up roots of generational curses inherited or made. But maybe God doesn’t want me to do that because in the end it hurts me. God is good enough to want us both whole. It’s hard when you don’t have a lot of reasons why you broke up with a good man. It sucks because even though I broke up with you; I’m crying every night, losing sleep, and questioning how we can be in lovers paradise one week and then over in the next. I believe in time I will see why or God ended what was good to me to show us better or will grant us the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves as whole individuals. I wish you a happily ever after… even if it’s not with me.
    This is my see you later and goodbye. May life treat you kindly and God heal our broken souls by the things we put ourselves in and the daggers that stabbed us unexpectedly. May God be gracious and shine the light of His face on you. May He give us peace, because I know I need it.

  25. The last message to you my ex..
    I want you to know that you are free to do whatever you want talk to whoever you want just like me because we are not together anymore. Stop searching after me and forget about me. You hurt me alot and I know I’ve hurt you too. I am sorry but you have no reason to hurt me after our breakup. Just like me.
    I want you to know that I believed in us and fought for us a lot but I can’t do it anymore. I am tired just like you habibi. So it’s time for us to take a break from each other.
    From this moment it’s a new life for me and of course for you as well. Please don’t say anything bad about me. Just say it’s fate.
    I forgive you for everything and please forgive me.
    We both had good and bad sides. Now its over. Let’s keep the good sides of us alive.
    I wish you all the best and happy life ahead of us each alone.
    Remember that I sacrificed a lot for us.
    You will always be remembered and a smile will be on my face ..
    god bless you and guide you to the right side..

  26. Letter to my Ex:

    Where do I begin – you came into my life like an earthquake and literally shook off the dust that had settled on my life. Before you, I was stuck – same routine, same people, same everything. I know you don’t know this, but you’re the reason I got out of a toxic relationship, you saved me once without even knowing it.

    You made me feel alive, we had the same principles, same sense of humour and even wanted the same things for the future, our future. You made me believe that we could have it all, be desperately in love, be a perfect little family and still have our families around us – which would have been tough even in the best of circumstances considering I’m Pakistani and you’re Kurdish. You just gave me hope, so much hope – you didn’t feed on my strength or independence, you always gave me more. You believed in me, everything that I was, and all that I would be. Your belief was infectious, and I too started to believe that we would be happy. The day you called me your wife – I thought my heart was going to explode.

    And then one day, you decided it was over. Why? “Because of culture”.
    Like did you JUST find out I’m not kurdish? After 2 years of dating, you realised I was pakistani?!

    I miss you. I miss the man who I could share everything with. It sounds cliche, but the man who could make me laugh when I had tears in my eyes. The man who would do anything to take away my pain. The man who took my happiness as his responsibility. I miss that man. I miss the relationship we had. I can’t say it enough. I miss everything about you. You weren’t just my other half, you were my best friend.

    I wish I could tear my heart out. For the longest time I couldn’t allow myself to feel even half the pain I was going through because it would consume me – it was the darkest pit that I couldn’t escape from. I was alive but not living. I guess that’s because I genuinely thought you were my soul mate, that I would never on this earth feel this way for another human. All my dreams were destroyed, and I was left broken.

    You carried on with your life without a care in the world, and without a single thought about how I was being affected. Would you care about the sleepless nights? The floods of tears I cried. The cries of pure anguish that escaped my lips when I couldn’t keep them inside. Would. You. Care.

    Had that truly been the end, this might have been easier to stomach. But 2 years after our break up you’re still around, you message, we make small talk, we meet and here you are; still giving me hope.

    Over time I may have learnt to be strong, but even now in my weakest moments – I cry out for you.
    Mn tum xosh aweh piawa qozakam – I haven’t forgotten my kurdish either.

    You may have left, but you took everything of mine when you did.

  27. Dear ex,
    It’s finally over and this is the second time we broke up and for good this time. I honestly thought you were going to be the one I was going to marry, have kids with and wake up next to every single day. However that’s not the case. It’s been a few months and I’m going fine I think. Occasionally the good memories come into my mind and they still make me smile because I can’t think of anything bad because the fall of our relationship wasn’t because you lost feelings or because you moved on from me, it was because I was moving and you couldn’t handle the long distance. The fact is that you told me you still loved me when we broke up and how can I move on like that, knowing that because of me moving that is what broke us up. I would rather have you lose feelings for me because that way I could easily move on. But you still love me, I don’t understand why you did what you did, and as always I respect your decision. I was always the one who went above and beyond but you hardly tried. It’s even more devastating when you know it’s coming that soon he will end things because all of a sudden you stopped calling me “babygirl”, “princess”, “sweetheart” etc… you stopped saying I love you. That’s when I knew it was done and I did everything to salvage the relationship but failed. It’s okay, I tell myself this because I’ve clung onto you for too long. It sucks that we have known each other practically our whole lifes, since 1st grade, and now we will never talk again. I try not think of that, and I do believe I have better things going for me. I do wish you the best as well. I just wish you had a better reason for ending things. Grow a pair man.

  28. I hate you so much. I hate myself for loving you. I hope god will send someone to do the same things you did to me. I hate you

  29. Dear ex
    I do miss what we had,I always wanted to go back,but at the same time you were playing games,then you decided to dump me but decided to come back a day later,I didn’t accept,you kept trying to talk to me,that’s why I could never move on,now your with someone else,good for you,but you still try to talk to me,I dont play games

  30. Letter to my ex

    I love you, despite all the pain you put me through, all the lies and cheating I still love you. I miss your voice I miss us and every day we spent together for the past year. Its so hard for me to unlove you to stop caring about you because our relationship meant more than anything to me in this world. I would take a bullet for you, yet you lost feelings for me. I love you so much I love you and I love everything good you did for me and its crazy to me that i can look past the fact you got drunk and cheated on me because how much I valued you, it’s crazy that I gave in and decided ill let you smoke and I won’t get bothered by it although I only got bothered because I wanted what’s best for your health and you religion. It’s been a week since it all happened and every minute i wait for your text. you told me someone is talking to you, that you moved on and I love you so much it felt like a bullet rip through my heart. I wanted it to be you, i opened up to you, you were my first kiss, I saved it for you I saved everything for you, I loved you with no limits and no fear and no boundaries. I wish that you would see the sacrifices I made to fix our failing relationship before it crumbled. even with the pain that you cheated on me and that you promised you wouldn’t go clubbing after, and the lies and the betrayal I felt because you still did, I didn’t leave you, i tried to reason with you i tried to talk to you, i loved you so much i didn’t want us to break up because every time we fight i remmebred our good times and the promise we made to each other of forever. You were going to be my husband my kids father, my life, my partner, I wanted to wake up beside you and live every day knowing you’re mine I wanted the best for us I wanted us to grow together and you know that. You shattered my heart so bad iv never ever ever felt this way and iv been through so much pain and disappointment in my life. I really wanted to be here for you i still want to try to force it but that’s only going to hurt me more, I know you don’t want me and now you are talking to someone new and she might be the one who walks beside you in your journey of life and it kills me to know you look at her the way you once looked at me. I really thought we would work but you refused to give me another chance i promised we wouldn’t fight any more although our fights were never anything i initiated they were natural fights that were consequences of your behaviors at that time. it never wanted to fight, we went 10 month without fighting because I don’t like to fight with the person i love deeply although this past month before we broke up, it was so hard for me to not question you about cheating and going out without tellin me and drinking and even being seen with girls. I hate that this is what we came down to, a few days ago we spoke on the phone and i told you i still want you n my life i still want you to be my friend because i love you so much i want to see you still i want to be there for you i love you so much im sorry for whatever i did that made you fall out of love with me.

  31. I wish we coulda made things work. I miss you so much that I can breath sometimes. I hate this feeling so much. Why did this have to happen. Im so broken. I hate this. I wish you were here right now. I miss you

  32. I miss you so much. I hate myself for saying that but i do. I miss you

  33. How do you walk away from such an amazing connection ? I’m trying to move on and to some degree I am. But that question still lingers in my mind.

  34. Thank you mama Penguin

    Message to my Ex
    I don’t know where to start.. Do I still love you or I got used to you being in my life? We were together for 3 years, i thought you were the one but no you’re not and I don’t want you to be the one. I might be lying but this is what I’m convincing myself with.
    When we met I was a broken hearted girl, you used my situation to make me fall for you and I did. You changed me, you made me lose everyone and lose myself. You made me do things I never thought I would ever do it and I regret it every second. You made me feel like I’m the worst girl in the world.
    Everytime we broke up, I remember myself saying and telling the world it’s over. One week later we are back. This time, no.. I’m not gonna listen to my heart if I talk to you. I won’t get back to you. IT IS FUCKING OVER.
    You knew how much broken I am because I lost the most important thing to me and yet you couldn’t stand me when I was not okay. You dumped me. You know what? Thank you! Yes thank you. Because you woke me up, you made me feel better and alive.
    This time, I’m the strongest woman you’ll ever meet. I am so proud of myself.

    I am here today to follow the journey with all my Penguin friends.

    One last thing: I can’t say I hate you because you will always have that place in my heart but I am sure that one day someone will come and fulfill this place.

  35. Hi first i would like to say like u so much miss fabulous, your laugh really makes my day.Thank you so much for being so beautiful in and out

    i just want you to know that you entered int my life when i was already broken, i dint want to fall in love and get broken but somewhere you managed to make me fall for u, i knew somewhere maybe things wouldn’t work out but i still couldent stop loving you, not because mostly of how u r but mostly because who i became being around you. the changed i saw in me when i was around u, my panic attacks got less, depression everything seem to slowly be under control, as if you came into my life just to fix me, i was a mess already before you knew me and you sort of made things a little better for where the kind of person i always dreamnt of. the kind of guy i always wanted, yes we dint have the perfect relationship, we fought some of it was my mistake and some of yours to.
    the first time u walked away from my life on new years eve you just did one call and said its over, when we dint have any arguments nothing, but u left , blocked me ignored me and being the emotional person i was begged u , begged u till i could , till the end and then slowly i gave up. i gave up but when i was recovering you walked in again
    and your tears made me stay with u, i was broke but i still stood beside u like a friend saying i dont want any relationship because i knew it was gonna happen again, i gave you all my time my energy and slowly my heart once again. you manage to melt me again.
    i went on with a relationship somewhere knowing that you would walk off again but i couldent stop loving you.
    and there you did it again, walked away , i fell in love with you second time harder than the first because the second time i actually felt your fear and love of losing me, the way you treated me made me feel, especially being the guy your are, where you are different for the world but for me i always saw a different side.
    yes i cussed u, i threw all my anger in words, begged you did all that i could but somewhere i knew you are the kind that once turn never looks back.
    i still hope somewhere you will come back because you did once but now you are with someone els , and i saw you happy
    apart from all my anger all my hate you knew well hating u from my heart never was possible never will be, i can never deny the fact on how u made me feel, for all that you did for me, the way you made me feel, being loved , i felt wanted . apart from you crazy anger and the words you used against me when u left and i was behind you, just to get rid of me the words you used hurt me infact it tore me but now whenever i think about the smile you had always on seeing me everyday melts my heart.
    yes you hurt me and it still kills me but you will always mean alot to me, yes i cant deny seeing you with someone els kills me, but somewhere, somewhere seeing you happy with her makes me happy.

    now i feel i am back to the place where it all started, back to the pain even before you walked into my life.
    i miss you
    words wont be enough for me to thank you
    i always forget all the words you say in anger even when we were in relationship, yes you did take me for granted but you did make me feel alive.
    i dont know how long all this will hurt, i dont know how long if any of this i s every going to get over. i do want it to stop hurting but feels like it wont.

    i love you from the bottom of my heart.
    i am sorry for never being the perfect love, the perfect girl, maybe you would stay if i was good enough, i dont know.
    i love you alot
    for how long i dont know.

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