Heeere Comes The -Single Girl

When a single woman finds herself at a wedding, it can be a minefield of emotions—especially if you’re seated next to some lovey-dovey couple holding hands and kissing throughout the entire night. Now being Arab and Muslim means you don’t have to worry about being seated next to such a couple because any sort of public displays of affection are an absolute no-no. Even if it were permitted, weddings usually seat the women with the women and the men to the men. What’s more depressing about this Arab Muslim seating arrangement is the fact that for the next few hours, if you’re a single woman, you will be asked the dreaded question over and over: “Why aren’t you married yet?” Knowing this, I figured the best way to get through the night would be by wearing a stellar pair of heels, and so I opted for my Silver Red Bottoms. If a stellar pair of heels could get Cinderella through a night in the same room as her evil stepmother and sisters, then hell, it could do wonders for me.

As I walked into the room, I felt confident, sexy, and tall—very tall. The heels were a good five inches, which I love. They say the higher the heel, the closer to God, right?I couldn’t immediately spot any of my friends and so I walked over to the only table that was available. It seated four girls who looked easily under eighteen, but with an attitude of an aristocratic thirty-year-old whose shit doesn’t smell.  I asked if the seat was free and they said yes, and so I took a chair and from there scanned the room, hoping to spot one of my girlfriends.

“Are you related to the bride or the groom?” asked one girl who was adding lip-gloss to her full lips.

“Neither. I’m friends with the bride,” I said.

“Are you married?” asked another girl with a gold and metallic colored hijab on.

I knew that that question was one I would hear all night, but little did I know that the first person that would ask me that would be a girl young enough to be my sister.

“No! I’m not married,” I said.

“You’re not even engaged?” she added.

“Not engaged or married,” I said, forcing a smile. “Living the single life and enjoying it,” I said sincerely. I mean, what the hell is wrong with being single? Nothing! Sure, in this culture and many likeminded ones, there’s a lot to pity in a single woman, but I enjoy the freedom afforded to me by not being attached. I only intend to change that the day I meet The One. Until then, I’m not settling for just Any One.

“How sad,” she said with a sympathetic face that her friends joined in with.

Silence fell over the table and for a moment I felt like I was at a funeral. So you can only imagine how happy I was when I saw an opportunity to approach the beautiful bride, my friend who we’ll call Fatima (not her real name).

“Assalamu Alaikum. Mabrook habibti,” I said as we both embraced.

“Thank you,” she said embracing me tightly. She was so happy. Every part of her said happiness. Nobody was more deserving than a girl who put her life on the side to support her single mother for nine years. She put off  on going to school, life, and love for her family and now it was her turn to be happy and she was.

“InshAllah you’ll be next,” she said.

“Please don’t be one of those people who say that to me now that you’re married,” I said.

She laughed.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned. It was Muna, a twenty-nine-year-old Palestinian girl with a husband of eight years and four children. We embraced.

“Why are you so late?” Muna asked me, stealing me away from the now-occupied bride.

“Have you seen my hair?” I asked.

“Yeah, it looks great mashallah.”

“Well, it took two washes and blow-dries, curling, teasing, and more product than is allowed to get it this way.”

“I didn’t even wash my hair,” said Muna, adjusting her hijab. “That’s why I decided to keep my hijab on.”

Muna could have removed her hijab since it was only female guests, but she opted to keep her hair tucked in a dirty bun, rather than take the few hours to style it.

“I’m so freaking lazy,” she said laughing.

I joined in.

“Where were you sitting?” she asked.

“Next to the marriage-obsessed toddlers in the corner,” I joked.

“Oh God, those are the grooms cousins. All they’re worried about is getting married and having kids.”

“Well that explains their question and attitude,” I said as we continued walking past tables filled with women who I saw eyeing me.

“Don’t let them bother you,” she said, catching the looks and occasional whispers. “They’re just jealous that you’re single and free to do what you want. Take your time, trust me. I should have,” Muna said before quickly changing the subject by taking me over to WAYM looking table. A WAYM table is one filled with women who will ask you, “Why Aren’t You Married?” These women are normally over forty, still have a heavy Arab accent (although they think they speak perfect English), and their job is to dance with a handkerchief around the bride while trying to eye single women to play matchmaker with. Their perfect victim was about to approach the table.

After greeting each other with an ‘Assalamu Alaikum,’ and kisses on both cheeks, the WAYM group looked me up and down and asked the question I already suspected, “Why aren’t you married?”

I’ll be honest when I say that a part of me wanted to say, “Why the bloody hell is it any of your business?” I love English accents and always wanted to use the word bloody in something, so in my mind this is how I would have answered, but I knew that I couldn’t unless I wanted them to contact some member of my family and talk about my not only being single, but disrespectful.

“I just haven’t found my naseeb yet,” I answered in the most cliché fashion possible.

The comments rolled in:

  1. “You know I know a boy that is recently divorced.”
  2. “I have two sons who I think you would really like.”
  3. “There’s a guy who owns that Araby cellphone store on Harlem who is looking for a wife.
  4. “You still have time to get married. Don’t worry. We’ll help you. Don’t worry.”


I didn’t understand the need for them to repeat, “don’t worry,” over a dozen

times as if I were standing there like an emotional wreck sobbing with Nutella in one hand and a giant spoon in the other.

“I’m not worried. It will happen when He has it planned to happen,” I said, trying my best to look graceful although I was annoyed with their persistence.

“Bathroom break,” Muna whispered.

I nodded and we both rushed off into the bathroom where we both touched up our makeup and Muna tried to comfort me about all the annoying single girl questions.

“You’re getting more attention than the bride,” Muna said taking a break from powdering her nose.

Arabs attend weddings for three reasons: to eat, dance, and look for a husband/wife. However, I attend weddings for these reasons: the bride, the celebration, and the cake—I love cake. Considering that it’s the bride’s day and that it should be about her, it’s unfortunate that the culture makes it more about the unmarried women more than the one actually getting married. Single guests are there looking for a husband/wife. Their families are there to look for a husband/wife for their son/daughter niece/nephew, cousin, uncle, aunt, or friend. The bride is no longer of any interest to them, besides the obvious celebratory aspect, because she’s no longer on the market. It’s sad, but unfortunately true.

The wedding went on with all the usual happenings: dancing, eating, dancing, more single girl questions, dancing, and then pushing the single girls in front of the lady shooting the wedding video so that when they show their family the wedding overseas, single men can see her and see if they’re interested.  My favorite part of any wedding, is the dabkeh. I didn’t care that my hair went from Fab to Flat at the end of the night because I danced my single girl ass off. It was really the only way to avoid the questions, although an occasional woman would belly dance over to me and say, “You’re next!” God I wanted to just have a glass of water to throw in their face. I mean, if you’re such a psychic and can predict relationship status futures, then why don’t you tell me where you see my writing career going in the next year. That would be a hell of a lot more interesting to me than hearing about whether or not I’m going to get married.

Mind you, I want to find The One and get married. I do, but it’s not an obsession of mine. Yes I’m looking, yes I’m frustrated, and yes I eat at least a pound of chocolate every time I watch The Notebook, but I mean I’m not desperate. Far from it.

The night had come to an end and as I walked towards the door with a few of my friends and their friends who I did not become acquainted with, I felt relieved that the night was over and the questions with it. I approached my car and said my goodbyes to the girls I knew and those that I didn’t. As I leaned in to say goodbye to one girl I didn’t really know, she decided to add, “Why aren’t you married?” with a very confused look on her face. “I mean you’re beautiful mashAllah and all of us were just like you should have someone.”

I wanted to get upset at the repetitive question I thought I had escaped upon exiting the building, but instead I smiled and said, “I’m already married,” I said.

“To who?” several girls asked.

“To these,” I said, lifting a heel from the pavement like an actress lifts her foot back in those romantic movies.

We all laughed and went off into the night single, married and all.


Before Dancing Dabkeh All Night To Avoid People & After Dancing Dabkeh All Night To Avoid People.
Before Dancing Dabkeh All Night To Avoid People & After Dancing Dabkeh All Night To Avoid People.

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  1. If that pic of the before am after above is u, please dont represent islam then put pics like that and let people know its “ok”. Perhaps since ur looking is the muslim crowd ur not getting anything. Follow islam the right way and inshAllah you will find someone good. Allah says pure men and women and made for pure men and women. Lets purify ourselves so we can get pure spouses. Oh! And dont forget to make duaas! Duaas are very powerful. Make them sincerely and make them knowing that believing that they will come to granted by Allah. May Allah guide us all.

    1. ‘represent islam’
      you’re ridicculous and i’m laughing

      1. Oh, he’s ridiculous alright, along with a few other choice words I’d like to use to describe what he is, as well, but I’m certainly NOT laughing! I’m actually on my second to third barf!

        1. “A pure man” are we still talking about Arab men? Is there one? What have I missed all these years?

    2. Of course we couldn’t escape some jackass like this coming in to talk judgmental garbage! You know what “Man,” YOU worry about YOU make duaa, okay! And more than that….. worry about your own women and leave other “Men,” to worry about theirs. Okay? Does that make sense to your mindless head, or not?

      1. They do not think logically but rationalize every to their advantage. I often ask myself, when did women let men rule over them? It hasn’t always be that way.

        1. Religion wouldn’t have anything to do with it now, Mosli, or would it? Me thinks it may be the culprit in some roundabout way.

        2. easy, you are bordering blasphemy. don’t you believe in adam and eve. old testement: genesis 3:16To the woman he said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” new testement: 1 timothy 2:12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.and to reaffirm the wishes of allah. certainly you know this one: [4.34] Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.

          so be a good woman and be obedient. and that goes double for you khalida. i slay myself.

          1. I have had an awakening this past week and no longer feel the need to project my anger towards people. I am tired of humiliating my parents and I am ready to marry whomever they feel is best for me, if only to compensate them for all of the trouble and embarrassment that I have caused them throughout the years. I am also going to leave the page and dedicate my time to other things that are more productive than this blog, however humorous.

            NOT!!!!! Bet you guys were thinking one of two things: 1) Well, that bitch has lost it, or 2) Mabrook and Alhamdillah for seeing the light and becoming one of the children of the corn.

            And as far as you’re concerned Michael……….. I better NEVER find you in a dark alley, or I’m going to bodyslam you on the concrete!!


          3. Awwwewwww….. thanks Malak! After writing it, I read it before submitting, and I got so sick I felt like barfing my stomach out!!

          4. well that might be more epic than the time hulk hogan, bad back and all, bodyslamed andre the giant.

          5. Wasn’t that in wrestle mania 12, 344?

  2. This is such a great website and a great story. You’re very talented Faiza and you should not let any one put you down or make you feel pressured to get married. Enjoy your freedom. I love you and I love your page so much. 🙂

  3. You’re so freaking sexy. Smart and beautiful.

  4. You don’t look your age! I’d genuinely think you’re in your early 20s.

    Anyway, you’ve waited this long for love, a little longer couldn’t hurt 😀 and when you do find it, it’s going to be sooooo worth the wait. I agree with all the below, you should take “WAYM” on the chin and laugh it off

    1. Ayesha is right. My niece stood firm and waited for Mr. Right. He came and we all knew, He was The One. They have been happily married for 14 years now.
      Hell on earth is being married to the wrong person. And this truth goes for men and women.

      1. That’s lovely mashAllah 🙂

        @KhalidaM – I’ve been reading your comments and LMAO, you’re nuts x

        1. @ Ayesha
          Soooooo…. You think I’m crazy, huh? Good, that makes two of us and it adds you to a list about as long as Capone’s rap sheet!

          1. I don’t think you are crazy, I think you have much common sense.

          2. I mean the awesome kind of crazy 😉

          3. Why…. thank you kindly Ayesha!

          4. sword of faiza, i would put ya in the good crazy column as well.

            and mosli, crazy and common sense aren’t always mutually exclusive. but good to see ya defend your girl. connotation can be hard to read, 😉

            ayesha, what does the x mean at the end of your statement.?

          5. Mike, the ‘x’ is a kiss – a halal one of course 🙂

          6. Me thinks she’s sending a kiss which I forgot to send back.

            @ Ayesha…. A X and a O, right back at ya, sister.

            @ Sir Michael…. thanks for the compliment friend!

          7. ah, that makes perfect sense. just never seen it without an o. didn’t no you were old school, thought maybe it was some new aged text thing. reminds me of a story my mom saying my dad asked her why she keep saying Lots Of Love in an email. seems lol used to mean something different in the pre-computer age.

  5. Love your blog Faiza. Keep writing. 🙂

  6. I can imagine how fed up you must be about these incessant hurtful and unnecessary questions: Why are you not married?
    If I were you, my answer would be: I will as soon as I find a man deserving of my love, respect and devotion … and as soon as you women raise such a son. So, what are YOU waiting for to do the job right?

  7. Excellent post as usual.

  8. You’re doing the right thing by waiting

    1. I’m tired of seeing desperate girls hanging around in the community ready to marry anyone just to be married. Have standards girls come on. It disgusts guys to see cheap ladies. Faiza don’t let anyone tell you that you should get married now. I get you’re not really young but you’re not old. Keep your standards. It’ll get you far.

    2. Listen here!!!! Where’s Omar and WHAT have you done with him? And if you strapped him up alongside Clooney and sent him off on that “one hell of a ride,” kudos to you and all of your ancestors too!!

      1. WTH? lol

  9. Better to stay single then to marry someone just to make other people happy. So proud of your having such a strong voice and being such a strong and inspiring Muslim woman. So proud to be following you. Keep doing what you’re doing. This is amazing!

    1. I agree with you. Don’t settle just because some idiots think you should. Wait

    2. Only joshing RAMO! That’s about the most sense you’ve ever made here, on this site, anyway! I’m about as expired as you can get in our culture – I’s 31 – and with no immediate plans of finding my nasib, or whatever crap you want to label a guy you fall for and won’t settle until you’ve got him at the tulbah. My nasib are my studies! I’m a book worm and can’t get enough of them. My parents are boarding on complete desperation, and the family has given up, but since we’re Syrians, I put them in their place with this grim reminder: “Stop worrying about my ass and worry about whether or not Abu Hamdan still has a stool under his butt to sit on and manage the gossip patrol back home!” Then they all back off. At weddings people know -whether its the WAYM group, or not- know better than to approach me with any questions about marriage, because I simply tell them where to go, and how to get there, and then they have something else to talk about.

  10. Most beautiful Muslim girl inside and out. 🙂

  11. i would think that’s a little be fore your time, TP and the Heartbreakers?


    then again you have a beatles album cover, sogood to see some of you kids know your history.

    1. This song is horrible lol no offense but I bet Faiza would like it because she seems like she’s into all that old music because of her Beetles cover at the top. I don’t like the Beetles or any of those old songs. Guess I’m really a girl of the 21st century lol

      1. ok, but i got to say it’s the beatles with in A. get it? beat. now ya forced me to post another 80s song. it’s a little more girlie, you might almost tolerate it.

    2. My man Mike! I kinda like the tune

    3. Sir Michael of Tarth, I figured let me check in before hitting the sack after 7 hours of straight study at the library, and I came across this newest post……. and thank God!!!

      Well, I may be a 21st century gal, but I dabble in the 20th, as well. I love the Beatles, Doors, Rolling Stones, Animals, CCR, Santana, among others, and definitely Tom Petty. Not to crazy about that song, but ‘Last Dance with Mary Jane,’ and ‘You Got Lucky,’ are two of my favorite Petty songs.

      Well, I’m seeing two screens instead of one, and that means, I’m writing double the garbage, so off to beddy bye I go.

      1. the doors. well i’m gonna be selfish and claim you for us old school 20th century folks.
        Well, she’s fashionably lean
        And she’s fashionably late
        She’ll never rank a scene
        She’ll never break a date
        But she’s no drag
        Just watch the way she walks

        She’s a twentieth century fox
        She’s a twentieth century fox
        No tears, no fears
        No ruined years, no clocks
        She’s a twentieth century fox, oh yeah

        She’s the queen of cool
        And she’s the lady who waits
        Since her mind left school
        It never hesitates
        She won’t waste time
        On elementary talk

        ‘Cause she’s a twentieth century fox
        She’s a twentieth century fox
        Got the world locked up
        Inside a plastic box
        She’s a twentieth century fox, oh yeah
        Twentieth century fox, oh yeah
        Twentieth century fox
        She’s a twentieth century fox

        1. You know Anonymous……. I’m going to confess a little secret to you…………… THAT little ditty was written especially for moi! During one of Morrison’s LSD trips, he visited the future and a place he never thought he never thought he’d find himself in….. the U of M…… and while there he crossed paths with lil ole me, and he immediately knew that I was his nasib….. and as soon as he landed back on earth from his trip, he said, “No way man, I have got to write a song about that groovy chick Kalibus, or Khalidis, or whatever the fk her name is,” and voila!!! I’s been immortalized!! So now you know.

          1. k-money, forgot to sign my name again. you know me and jim went to the same college. well it was a junior college back then and not that we were there at the same time. SPJC, but don’t look for it, it’s not there any more. well the buildings are still there but it’s all grown up now. it’s St. Petersburg College. go trojans. i’m going to have to look into it to see if that this was the song he wrote in a hotel room on clearwater beach?

          2. I figured you’re no stranger to the world of academia, Sir M, because you’re too damn smart!! BUT Morrison? I just lost all respect for him!

      2. come on come on come on: now, i’ve been listening to all those bands since they were on 8-track. so: show me the way to the next whiskey bar. oh don’t ask, oh don’t ask why. i see your hair is burning, hills are filled with fire. if they say i never loved you, you know they are a liar. this is the end, beautiful friend the end.

        1. Uhhhh…. Michael….. there were no 8-track tapes when those bands came on the scene, except for Petty. Are you high again?

  12. Everyone always asks me when I go to weddings why I’m still not married so I totally understand where you’re coming from. Stay strong and classy.

  13. You are really patient. I would have been so mad. lol Love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  14. Hahaha! So classy! I don’t know how my reaction would be if women were asking the same repetitive question all night!!!

  15. I know I always say that the post before is the best, but this one if the best so far. Hands down! especially because of the pics lol you’re so cute and you look good with messy hair.

  16. Habibty Faiza I love you and your blog. You are my inspiration and I love your work. I can’t wait to meet you in person one day and thank you for always being there for me when I email you. You’re like my big sister from the states. lol <3 <3 <3 <3

  17. Ur so sexy

  18. OMG I love your page and your writing. I’m Palestinian and I’m 25 years old and my family is pushing me to get married. I finished nursing school and just got a job and I want to focus on that until I meet the right guy. They don’t get the hint of course you know how our families are and they want to keep introducing me to people but I tell them I’m not ready. Going to weddings I ALWAYS get asked when i’m getting married by the WAYM ladies (love that) They always want to set me up and always bother me and my cousin who’s also single and she’s 23. I love your page. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  19. I absolutely LOVE your blog. You’re so beautiful msA and I am such a huge fan. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  20. lolololol

  21. Very funny lol and you’re stunning Masheallah. I don’t know what that means but I see everyone posting it after they give you a compliment.

    1. It’s mashallah and it’s translated to like when someone says “God bless you.” 🙂 We say this to avoid people form giving someone the evil eye.

      1. Oh I see. Thank you.

        1. Yahya related to me from Malik that Muhammad ibn Abi Umama ibn Sahl ibn Hunayf heard his father say, “My father, Sahl ibn Hunayf did a ghusl at al-Kharrar. He removed the jubbah he had on while Amir ibn Rabia was watching, and Sahl was a man with beautiful white skin. Amir said to him, ‘I have never seen anything like what I have seen today, not even the skin of a virgin.’ Sahl fell ill on the spot, and his condition grew worse. Somebody went to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and told him that Sahl was ill, and could not go with him. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, came to him, and Sahl told him what had happened with Amir. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, ‘Why does one of you kill his brother? Why did you not say, “May Allah bless you?” (ta baraka-llah) The evil eye is true. Do wudu from it.’ Amir did wudu from it and Sahl went with the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and there was nothing wrong with him.”

          1. Wow. I didn’t know this story.

          2. Are you saying that only virgins have white skin?

          3. Oh God! We’re not starting that crap again? The big color controversy that’s been plaguing us since the last post! So, I’m going to end it right here and right now! I’m sure we all agree that virgins come in all colors, shapes, sizes… and that’s that! Prophets always say things in the most round about way. They use analogies, or stories to get their points across in order for us humans to better understand what they’re meaning in our own terms.

          4. sup mosli? no, i’m not saying anything. it’s a hadith. 50th book of malik, “the evil eye”. http://www.searchtruth.com/book_display.php?book=50&translator=4

            not sure why they are equating whiteness with beauty? maybe it’s meant to be something about “blemish free”? nor do i have any idea why one guy is commenting on another guy’s complection? but many hadiths confuse me. 😉

            i guess i am saying that muslims are superstitious. thus the mashallah.

          5. In the old days women were always kept in the home in order for them to keep their white skin from becoming darkened by the sun. It seemed to be okay for men to get dark. It’s the same in South Korea, according to a friend of mine. They lighten their skin because that to them is beautiful. To each his own.

          6. kalibus, you should have told sammy sosa about it being alright for the men to be dark. he’s bleached the shit outta himself.

          7. Ewwwwww…. yuck!! I don’t even want to imagine how ugly that must look!

  22. “Before dancing dabkeh all night to avoid people & after dancing dabkeh all night to avoid people,” this is SOOOOOO FUNNNYYYYYYYY. I laughed so loud when I saw these pictures lol. You’re so beautiful masheallah. Your writing is so good masheallah. You really make me go to the wedding even though I wasn’t there and you’re right Arabi people only focus on singles not married or engaged people. They focus on the groom at weddings to which you didn’t add. They do this because he is paying for the whole wedding and so they give him a lot of respect and attention because it’s his day. I don’t like this at all but it’s our culture lol You make it very funny.

    1. That’s true the groom is always the focus and his family because he’s paying for everything. But I don’t mind that because I get that Western brides are the center of attention but that’s also because her family is paying for everything. In our culture the guy pays for everything. That means we just sit down and let him pay lol But I think the bride gets enough attention I mean she has to she’s the bride. But yeah singles do get more attention by the guests but who cares.

    2. Everyone knows that nobody cares about the bride or the groom. I get they like the singles there because that’s all they’re focused on going to another wedding. But you’re saying the groom is who’s important and I don’t agree because if they liked and respected the groom so much they would put $50 in a card when the grooms family spent over 10k for the wedding. That’s the mistake we Arabs always make. We invite way to many people to the wedding and you’re LUCKY if someone leaves you more than $50. You end up broke and whatever you make back goes to his dad anyway so I don’t think they respect the groom at all.

      1. Wallah you are so right habibty. My husband dad he pay like 25 tousand for our wedding and wallah he only get back 5 tousand. People come and they bring ther family. Ther kids. Ther neybours. And they give you a card with 35 or 50 dolar. And wallah some people give card with no money. Amrikan people do the wedings smart way

        1. Whoa! a card and not money nor present …. that’s tacky.

          1. Yea, well, Mos, tacky is an Arabs middle name. N
            You see, Allah (SWT) in His infinite wisdom didn’t give us Arrrrabs any class whatsoever! What He did give us was oil and lots of it. Between the two I’ll choose being rich over class any day. Better to be tacky and rich, than classy and poor. If you want to see the definition of tacky and rich just watch Keeping Up with the Kardasians. They may not be A-rabs, but shit are they tacky as fk!!

      2. Arabs always spend more on weddings then they get back. But they don’t want to make a small wedding so they invite so many people that don’t care about them or going to help them get their money back. They’re only there for the food, the single guys and girls, and to dance. We love to dance looool

    3. why would anyone give a fuck about the bride when she’s already taken. She’s married. Married girls aren’t interesting to anyone in our culture. Faiza’s interesting because she’s single. If she was married the only reason people would even care about her wedding in this culture is because of who she is and because people look up to her and shit. But nobody cares about the married groom or bride. They only go for the food and the girls. Truth.

      1. you’re really stupid
        it is so amusing to me
        please say something else

        1. Nah I’m good. You have a problem obviously. Take it somewhere else.

  23. walah my sons wife show me this and I am sendest you email fur my son Amer. he is good boy and smart boy. I sendest you email okai

    1. My brothers name is Amer. I hope this is not my mom LOL

      1. lol that would be so funny.

      2. this is so funny lol

  24. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I saw you at the wedding!!!!!!!!! I kept trying to wave whenever you looked our way, but someone would always get in the way. : ( I am your BIGGEST fan EVER!! My mom said for me not to bother you, but I really wanted to go over and tell you how much I love you and your blog and how much you’ve helped me and a lot of my friends. FAIZA RAMMUNY FOREVER!!!!!

  25. You’re so beautiful smallah. I’d marry you tomorrow

  26. First comment 🙂

  27. OMG the post and OMGGGGG the pictures… hilarious!!!!!!!!!! Love this page and love you. Please answer my emails when you get a chance. I’m not a stalker habeebty I just need your help 🙂 love love

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