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Heeere Comes The -Single Girl

When a single woman finds herself at a wedding, it can be a minefield of emotions—especially if you’re seated next to some lovey-dovey couple holding hands and kissing throughout the entire night. Now being Arab and Muslim means you don’t have to worry about being seated next to such a couple because any sort of public displays of affection are an absolute no-no. Even if it were permitted, weddings usually seat the women with the women and the men to the men. What’s more depressing about this Arab Muslim seating arrangement is the fact that for the next few hours, if you’re a single woman, you will be asked the dreaded question over and over: “Why aren’t you married yet?” Knowing this, I figured the best way to get through the night would be by wearing a stellar pair of heels, and so I opted for my Silver Red Bottoms. If a stellar pair of heels could get Cinderella through a night in the same room as her evil stepmother and sisters, then hell, it could do wonders for me.

As I walked into the room, I felt confident, sexy, and tall—very tall. The heels were a good five inches, which I love. They say the higher the heel, the closer to God, right? Read more

No Sex, But A Whole Lotta City

It started with a private car. One that I entered in Nike gym shoes, Victoria Secret sweatpants, and an Express graphic tee with a French model on it whose face can be seen clearly thanks to my flat chest. I was in New York City–a place filled with so many people looking for so many things: riches and fame, love and happiness, and those looking for the fashion. I was in the Big Apple looking for two of the above–fame and fashion–but before that, I needed to run down to Sephora to grab my Makeup4Ever long wear lipstick in color number four. The closest one was in Times Square, about three blocks from my hotel, so I packed up and went on an adventurous walk over. I made sure to keep my mother’s advice in mind since she was a New York native all her life before moving to Chicago in 1985.


  1. DON’T ask a soul for directions, unless you want to get lost.
  2. DO NOT get into a cab with a guy who randomly approaches you about getting into his cab.
  3. When in doubt, wear black!

As I walked down Read more

The D Word

California is the place where you come to soak in the sun, enjoy the million-dollar homes and outrageously awesome fashion, and forget about the guy who questioned your morality. Okay, maybe that’s what I was there for, but I couldn’t help but find little pieces of myself coming back to life. I was happy, carefree, and comfortable, and everything seem to make sense here. My friends were fawning over me like the last piece of tiramisu and I was overwhelmed with joy to see them again as well. Read more

Passion 4 Fashion

Hani was in need of a new wardrobe and of course he turned to Chicago’s local friendly Muslim Arab self-proclaimed fashionista, yours truly–ME! I was more than willing to help and not surprised that he turned to me, since all of my friends both male and female also lean on me to dress them for work meetings, dates, weddings, and yes some funerals. Let’s just say that I should have either been a fashion designer or Victoria Beckham’s personal shopper. How fun would that be?! Read more

Happy Birthday To Me

I had no idea that it was detrimental to your health to wash your hair and go out in ninety-degree weather. But, apparently, it is and I came down with a horrible throat infection on Sunday- that sent me to the doctor’s office on Monday. After receiving a shot and a shit load of meds, […]

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