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Top: Love Culture Leggings: Discovery Clothing Cardigan: Forever 21

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As I stood in a long queue at Walgreens’ checkout counter, behind me was an elderly man who seemed to have a difficult time standing still. His legs were obviously in pain and yet he stood there staring with envy at the candies temptingly set on the side racks. He lifted a Snickers bar with […]

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Identity Crisis


My mom was in need of some new hijabs and so, of course, we headed to Al-Afifa Islamic Fashion where the selection is huge and the prices affordable. Now, although the hijab style my mom shops for is pretty basic, it normally takes her about thirty minutes to decide on the colors and the style that would work best with her face shape. I mean she’s worse than me when it comes to high heels. OK…maybe not. As she finally came to a decision on eight hijabs, we walked over to the cash register. As the young lady took my mother’s credit card, I could hear an obvious female ‘boater’ behind me.

A boater is a man or woman straight off the boat. Usually has a very thick accent, wears Arab sandals everywhere, and believes that a woman is ready for marriage at seventeen.

The woman’s English was awful; I mean she could barely get a few words out, the syntax was just plain wrong and she could not get through the conversation without stumbling over every third word. I felt uneasy and thought it would be easier all around if she just spoke Arabic to get her point across, Read more

Beware The Single Woman

While on a casual stroll downtown, hobbling along in a knee brace after having hurt my tendon, by chance, I was approached by a beautiful girl who ecstatically said, “Wallah, you will never believe me, but we, pointing to her girlfriends, are from Orland Park and when we decided to go downtown, I said, watch us hit into Faiza Rammuny from Expired & Fabulous and here you are,” she said with a huge smile.

“Well, this isn’t exactly fabulous,” I joked referring to my knee brace. The girls laughed and after explaining to them why it’s so important to stretch properly before every workout, we found ourselves speaking about the typical single girl conversation: our relationship status–or in our case, lack thereof.

“I love your writing so much and it totally inspires me, but my mom is always telling me not to read it because if I do I’ll be single forever,” she said.

I stood there rather perplexed at the thought that my blog could deter eligible men from single women looking for a relationship.

“Well I’m sure that’s not true!” I said with a laugh.

“I know,” she said. “It’s like my mom only wants me to hang out with married women like that’s gonna help me get married. I have a certain guy type I’m looking for. That’s why I’m single and that’s why I love your work.”

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Arrange Me


My recent trip to Los Angeles found me with exactly enough time to meet Lily, a twenty-nine-year-old girl who is originally from Indiana. Although her trendy street fashion says LA, her personality remains that of a Midwest girl. As we walked down Canon Drive to view all the high end clothing boutiques and hair salons, Lily asked me all kinds of questions about what I’m currently doing and if I’m still having to meet guys introduced to me by my family. Although I was rather embarrassed to tell her that my family had sort of lost hope in my getting married, I was happy to report that they were so distracted with my sister’s wedding to insist on my meeting anyone as they normally do.

“I’m so tired of the dating scene,” said Lily, obviously frustrated. Lily went on to tell me how she had been on over twenty dates in the past year, had two relationships that didn’t last more than two months, and the longest lasting relationship she’s had in her twenty-nine years was the one between her and Dash, her eight-year-old Rottweiler.

“You complain about arranged marriages and all, but seriously girl, I would LOVE if my family did that for me,” she said. I couldn’t help but stop mid-walk and just look at her perplexed.

“You want an arranged marriage?”

“If it means getting married to a guy my family trusts, have kids, start my fucking life, yeah girl… I want an arranged marriage.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Here I was writing about the things I hated about having my family try to arrange my marriage after way too many bad meetings set by them—nevermind my father arranging my first attempted arranged marriage to my cousin that was unsuccessful. Read more