Category: From Broken, To FABULOUS

A month to month guide to heartbreak recovery and the journey to self love in a Year.

Meet The Parents

They say you can break a habit in ninety days. I didn’t believe this because I couldn’t break away from Pan even when all the signs screamed RUN! I knew he wasn’t good for me, and yet day after day I found myself drawn closer to him. It wasn’t only because of the natural connection […]

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Week 13 – Say Hello To YOU

Thirteen weeks ago you were completely heartbroken after having to say goodbye to someone you love; someone you envisioned your entire life with. If you were the dumped, you were shattered into a million pieces. The thought of spending another minute without your ex made breathing hurt. Certain places, times of the day, and songs, […]

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Week 12 – Leading Lady

I can’t believe we are one week away from this guide’s last chapter. If you’ve been following this journey since Week 1, I am applauding you like there’s no tomorrow!! I mean, this has been anything but easy, and yet… you have committed and I’m so proud of you! But… we’re not quite done just […]

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Week 9 – Let It Burn

If you’ve been following every step in this From Broken, ‘To FABULOUS Journey’ guide, you have cried a hell of a lot of tears, reached out to your ex to get closure, erased all the memories you have attached to them, on your electronics, and then you took yourself out on a date alone. So […]

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Message to my EX

Feeling the itch? The yearning? The need to call or text your Ex? DON’T! Leave a comment below saying everything you wish you could say to them anonymously. Post it here! DO NOT send it to them! You can do this!

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