Category: From Broken, To FABULOUS

A month to month guide to heartbreak recovery and the journey to self love in a Year.

Week 13 – Say Hello To YOU

Thirteen weeks ago you were completely heartbroken after having to say goodbye to someone you love; someone you envisioned your entire life with. If you were the dumped, you were shattered into a million pieces. The thought of spending another minute without your ex made breathing hurt. Certain places, times of the day, and songs, […]

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Week 12 – Leading Lady

I can’t believe we are one week away from this guide’s last chapter. If you’ve been following this journey since Week 1, I am applauding you like there’s no tomorrow!! I mean, this has been anything but easy, and yet… you have committed and I’m so proud of you! But… we’re not quite done just […]

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Week 9 – Let It Burn

If you’ve been following every step in this From Broken, ‘To FABULOUS Journey’ guide, you have cried a hell of a lot of tears, reached out to your ex to get closure, erased all the memories you have attached to them, on your electronics, and then you took yourself out on a date alone. So […]

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Message to my EX

Feeling the itch? The yearning? The need to call or text your Ex? DON’T! Leave a comment below saying everything you wish you could say to them anonymously. Post it here! DO NOT send it to them! You can do this!

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From Broken, To FABULOUS- The Journey Begins

  Today is April 19, 2017,  and it’s probably the best day to start this introduction for the From Broken, To FABULOUS  journey I’m about to take you all on. Why? Because it’s important to turn days that once held so much meaning, into new life changing ones. So why does April 19th hold so much meaning […]

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