From Broken, To FABULOUS- The Journey Begins


Today is April 192017,  and it’s probably the best day to start this introduction for the From Broken, To FABULOUS  journey I’m about to take you all on. Why? Because it’s important to turn days that once held so much meaning, into new life changing ones. So why does April 19th hold so much meaning for me? Today is the day my ex, Pan, decided we would celebrate the anniversary of the day we first met. I say he decided to celebrate it today, because, well, we didn’t meet April 19th, we actually met March 19th of 2013.  I just went along with it being the day he chose, because I wanted to feed his ego, and make him feel right. He always had to be right no matter what; and so I let him. One of the many mistakes I made in that relationship. One of the many reasons it ended in September of 2015.

Every April 19th, we would celebrate the faux day we met with a romantic outing that included a fancy dinner, a gift each, and then a walk down memory lane. The lane was as straight as always for Pan, but for me, it had zig zagged off the road long ago with every temper tantrum, every disrespectful word, every insult of my body, and every abuse excuse in the book.

I could list the many reasons it was best to let Pan fly back to Neverland, but what really matters here, is how I began my Once Upon A Time alone, when it ended that awful day in September: the day that changed the rest of my life as I knew it, not only as a woman, but as a Muslim Arab-American woman. Everything I knew about what it meant to be all four, completely changed in ways I never thought it ever could. I never thought I could change and I bet you’re thinking the very same thing. That change isn’t possible or that you don’t have the courage to live organically as you. For those of you thinking that, I encourage you to stay put, because I will show you that it is.

April 19, 2016, was one of the many hard days of my recovery. This year, I sit here confidently writing this, with no tears, a lot of clarity, and a happiness I never thought possible. Why? Because I found myself and despite that not being who many would approve of, I am confidently walking through each day, as the leading lady of my life and so can YOU!

This weekly Friday blog and podcast is going to touch on all the shit you go through, when you’re once believed Ever After, turns into Never After. I’ll guide you through this suffocating time and discuss so many different topics like:

  1. Blocking your ex and the right time to change your number
  2. When and how to reply to that first message from an ex since ‘The End.’
  3. Adjusting from We to Me
  4. How to STOP stalking your ex on social media
  5. Getting closure
  6. The No Dating Rule

To name a few. But there will also be a simultaneous journey to discover yourself with topics like:

  1. How to stop being a ‘Yes Woman/Man.”
  2. Feeding your inner rebel
  3. Finding your confidence
  4. Giving expectations the finger
  5. Burning the ‘Guilt Card.’
  6. Introducing YOU to you Family & Friends

And SO MUCH MORE! Even if heartbreak isn’t the reason you’re broken, this is still the journey for you in rebuilding your life, bigger, better, and greater the moment you discover your self worth and happiness.

Every Friday starting April 21st, 2017 I’m going to share with you every bit of the way I took my broken life, and turned it into a fucking FABULOUS one, with so much more hope than I ever thought possible in a year. I found more purpose than a girl in my culture is encouraged to have, and a fearlessness that has given me the courage to live unapolgetically as ME, and I’m here to help you ladies and gentleman do the same as I take you From Broken, To FABULOUS!


Are you going on this From Broken, To FABULOUS Journey? Comment below, “Take me From Broken, To FABULOUS!”











23 thoughts on “From Broken, To FABULOUS- The Journey Begins

  1. Take me from broken to fabulous my queen ❤️

  2. I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU…. like where have you been all my life, elevate me , take me from broken to fabulous

  3. Thank you so much for doing this and helping so many hearts around the world!! ❤️Greetings from Latvia! ☺️ Take me From Broken, To FABULOUS!

  4. Take me from broken, to FABULOUS. Please!

  5. Please take me from broken to fabulous

  6. You’re such a lovely woman.

  7. Take me from broken to fabulous

    1. I’m proud of you for taking the first step. Let’s get you FABULOUS!!!

  8. Help me by taking me on this journey

    1. Proud of you for jumping on board what’s going to be an amazing ride. Let’s get you FABULOUS!!!

  9. Take me.

    1. Taking you 🙂 Let’s get you FABULOUS!!!

  10. Take me from broken to fabulous🤗

    1. So proud of you for taking the first step. Let’s get you FABULOUS!!!

  11. Oh and Take me from Broken To Fabulous💗💗💗💗

  12. I am so ready for this. I’ve needed something like this forever.

    1. I’m so glad this is coming to you when you need it most. Let’s get you FABULOUS!!!

  13. Can’t wait to enter this journey with you my love, my idol, my inspiration much love and appreciation from Germany 🇩🇪

    1. You’re so very sweet. Thank you. Time to make YOU all of those thing for others who need it too. Let’s get you FABULOUS!!!

  14. Take me from broken to fabulous.

    1. Let’s do this! Let’s get you FABULOUS!!!

  15. Excited to be on this journey with you !!
    Keep doing what you are doing
    Sending so much love my dear ❤️

    1. So excited you’ve chosen to get on this journey! So much love right back. Let’s get you FABULOUS!!!

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