About Faiza Rammuny – I’m not a therapist, I’m therapy

‘Life is so much better with love, laughter, and sparkle.’

My name is Faiza Rammuny. Since I can remember, I have always been the girl people turned to when they needed an ear, a shoulder, or a hard shot of espresso. So I have always been a good listener, which turned into being a good advisor and in turn, an even better writer. I started writing when I was about ten, but I only really found my passion in it when I was twenty-four and began my first blog titled, ’51 Fridays’ where I documented my father’s journey to get me married off in a year before I officially expired at twenty-five- the age Arabs have labeled the deadline a woman is considered attractive for marriage. Here I am today thirty, single, and officially expired- but showing the world that you can be FABULOUS at any age- even if you are an unmarried woman in a culture with an obsession for ‘I Do.’

I started dating (major Islamic No No) when I was twenty-six years old and although the two relationships didn’t work, the lessons I learned from them and many other experiences in my life, have given me the necessary knowledge to help so many people every single day. I don’t have any special format, or tools, I simply use my experiences as well as the experiences of many others, to guide me and you. I’m aware that not all problems or situation can be fixed, but I DO know that there is an overwhelming satisfaction in seeing peace of mind on the face of someone who just took two hours venting to you.

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