Day: May 13, 2013

No Sex, But A Whole Lotta City

It started with a private car. One that I entered in Nike gym shoes, Victoria Secret sweatpants, and an Express graphic tee with a French model on it whose face can be seen clearly thanks to my flat chest. I was in New York City–a place filled with so many people looking for so many things: riches and fame, love and happiness, and those looking for the fashion. I was in the Big Apple looking for two of the above–fame and fashion–but before that, I needed to run down to Sephora to grab my Makeup4Ever long wear lipstick in color number four. The closest one was in Times Square, about three blocks from my hotel, so I packed up and went on an adventurous walk over. I made sure to keep my mother’s advice in mind since she was a New York native all her life before moving to Chicago in 1985.


  1. DON’T ask a soul for directions, unless you want to get lost.
  2. DO NOT get into a cab with a guy who randomly approaches you about getting into his cab.
  3. When in doubt, wear black!

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